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Bottom line, love your horse.
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The mission

Bring out your horse's top potential


Pre and Post Event Bodywork

Bring your A game

These sessions encompass the whole horse and help increase muscle flexibility, decrease tension, prevent muscle soreness, and facilitates the recovery process between events.  The goal is to invigorate the body and relieve all muscular tension so the maximum range of motion is possible.  Allow your horse to give his all for you! 


Comprehensive Bodywork

Correct Inbalances

This service starts with a total evaluation of your horse to pinpoint their problem areas.  After this has been determined the horse is treated with electro-acupressure, massage, stretching, and orthobionomy therapies.  The goal is relieve deep seated or chronic tension patterns that horses can develop from day to day work. Exercise and stretching routines will be custom recommended to help your horse achieve his/her maximum potential.



About Lucy

Lucy is a graduate of Animal Dynamic's advanced equine sports massage class and CEMT (Certified Equine Massage Therapist).  Her education is readily shared with clients so they can continue to help their horse.  She has a deep rooted passion for equine therapy and love for these extraordinary athletes. She has devoted herself to understanding their bodies and increasing their functionality.  Lucy's bodywork sessions ensure the horse receives help where they need it most!


From the rider's mouth

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Contact Me

Lucy Hoeppner

Certified Advanced Equine Bodyworker

Cell: (502) 544-9168

Services offered seven days a week in Louisville and surrounding areas. Call today! 

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